Tool to Recover Hyper-V Windows Data

  • Retrieve data from corrupt, dismounted or deleted Hyper-V file/folder(s)
  • Smoothly Scan and Recover Hyper-v Files without size limitation
  • Make Dynamic and Fixed Hyper v File Recovery based on FAT or NTFS partition

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Hyper-V Data Recovery Software: Recover Crucial Data!

MS Windows Hyper-V Recovery is quite easy with our intellect creation that is systematically created to perform Hyper-V recovery for Windows and recover data from damaged Hyper-v file. Get our globally-acclaimed Hyper-V recovery software, assuring accomplished recovery of damaged or deleted Virtual hard drive in few clicks.

Virtual Hard Drives and Their Advantages!

On Virtual machine, VHD (Virtual Hard Drive) file represents the storage space and on host computer, there can be various VHD files. They can be classified as fix sized or dynamically enlarging. In Windows 7, users are facilitated with in-built tool for creating virtual hard drive.

  • At a single host, numerous OS can exist
  • Via virtualization, there can be several Windows partition
  • Hardware cost can be saved with less usage of host system

Handle Hyper-V File Corruption Causes

There are several reasons that call for Windows Hyper-V recovery. Some of the grounds of Virtual hard drive damage are:

  • Virtual drive is corrupt like IDE, flash drive etc,
  • Host computer having hardware malfunction
  • Virus attack or accidental host system shut down

To tackle this situation, we provide Hyper-V recovery for Windows software which allows to recover Hyper-V Windows Server backup. Tool has the capability to repair and fix all the corruption reasons of VHD and recover Hyper-V Windows data. Also retrieve deleted VHD file or partition data during the recovery process of Hyper-v.

Facilities That Made Hyper-V Data Recovery Simple

Perform Hyper-V File Data Recovery

Make recovery from corrupt, inaccessible or deleted hyper-v file and get back images, videos, database, audios, achieve etc. Corruption error messages can also be fixed effectively with Hyper-V recovery software for Windows..

Preview Items and Elements

After performing the scanning procedure of damaged hyper-v, software will display preview of recovered data. You can also see the preview of some selected file types like: PDF, documents, emails, text file.

Save Scanned Partition Repor

Now software permits you to save scanned partition report so that you can load those details back when it need to rescan that particular partition. Software will ask whether you want to save scanned data or not.

Different Scanning Modes

The tool is integrated with two scanning options: "Qucik" scan and "Advance" scan that can be chosen in accordance to corruptness intensity. To fix MBR corruption of fixed .vhd, use "RAW" scan mode.

Virtual Platform Data Recovery

Tool is assembled with captivating features which helps for recovering data from Virtual HDD. Developed with proficient techniques, software make hyper-v recovery of deleted files.

Recovery of both Fixed & Dynamic VHD

MS Windows Hyper-V recovery software specializes in recovery of Fixed & Dynamically expanding VHD file prominently. Also recover VHD from uninstalled Virtual environment.

NTFS FAT Virtual Partition Recovery

Recover Hyper-v file from FAT-16, 32 and NTFS-4, 5 and 8 partitions. Tool supports to recover dynamic hyper-v VHD data of FAT and NTFS 32 and all file systems supported of Fixed VHD.

Note: FAT16 is only supports for fixed .vhd

Save Recovered Hyper-V VHD Data

Once recovery gets completed, save recovered data at the pre-defined location. If you want to go for selective data recovery from damaged VHD file then, you can opt check and uncheck options

Use Freeware to Learn Windows Hyper-V Recovery

Need to recover Hyper-V Windows Server backup then, use freeware Windows Hyper-V data recovery tool which let you understand its captivating features. But it restricts to save retrieved VHD items. To get limitless recovery, purchase full version.

Acquire Licensed Services

Grab full licensed version of Windows Hyper-V Disaster recovery software and deal with varied corruption issues. You have to obtain the tool to restore recovered VHD data. Little investment will make you comfortable for instant recovery.

Trial and Full Version

Trial Version


  • Browse Hyper-v File in Software
  • Quick and Advance Scan Modes
  • Show Preview of Recovered hyper-v Items
  • Supported Windows 8 & Other OS Editions
  • Advance Searching Options Enable
  • Deleted Files/Folders Recovery
  • Trial version not able to save Recovered File/Folder(s)

Full Version


  • Browse Hyper-v File in Software
  • Quick and Advance Scan Modes
  • Show Preview of Recovered hyper-v Items
  • Supported Windows 8 & Other OS Editions
  • Advance Searching Options Enable
  • Deleted Files/Folders Recovery
  • Full version save Recovered File/Folder(s)

Watch Online Video

Want to see working of Hyper-v data recovery software through video? Play this video and know the procedure of recovering Hyper-v data.

Hyper-V Recovery Software Screenshots

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