Follow the Steps Mentioned Below

Step 1

Open Hyper V Recovery Software. Go to Start Menu >> Programs >> Click Hyper V Recovery >> Hyper V Recovery. From the software start-up screen, Click Open VHD File to locate VHD file.

Step 2

From Open Window Browse VHD file and Click on Open to add VHD file.

Step 3

Optional: Click on Setting to choose Raw Scan then choose partition to scan. This is optional step that handle the MBR corruption of .vhd file (Fixed) and Finds the partition.

Step 4

    In following screen Select Partition of .VHD File from where user need to take Restore VHD data. To start the VHD file scanning process, Click on Scan Partition or Scan button.

Step 5

    After clicking on Scan Partition or Scan button the following option will come on screen. Choose any one Mode to scan partition: Quick Scan and Advance Scan

Step 6

Scan Dialog box come up that displays details of currently running scanning process with progress bar.

Step 7

    As scanning process completes, scan report windows appears. Click on Ok.

Step 8

Select File/Folder from the displayed left folder tree, Right Click on any file and choose Preview Selected File Option to preview file information.

Note: 1- Tool Recovers Deleted Files/Folders
          2- Using Search Bar user can search any file by name

Step 9

    Choose Back button to scan another partition.

Step 10

After going back, choose the partition which you want to scan and then follow above mentioned steps.

Step 11

Software will ask to load previous scanned items if you have choosen previously scanned partition.

Note: Click on "Yes" or "No" button and proceed the process

Step 12

Save Single File: Right Click on file » Choose Extract Selected File option from drop down menu.

Step 13

Save Files and Folders: From Left Tree Pane select desired folder(s) » Click on Save.

Note: User can select any no. of folder (single/multiple) at one go.

Step 14

From Browse For Folder Window: Set Saving Location where user need to save recovered data from VHD file.

Note: User can create new folder by clicking on “Make New Folder” button

Step 15

Scan Progress Window appears to display the currently running saving process.

Step 16

As saving process gets over, see the Save Report dialog box. Click Ok.