Key Features to Recover VHD Files!

  • Extract data from corrupt vhd file, deleted Virtual drive files
  • Get scanned drive details and load them without rescanning
  • Raw scan remove MBR issues of Fixed VHD & find lost partition

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VHD Data Recovery Software: Recover Crucial Data!

VHD file represents the Virtual disk drive data that is created using virtual machine. It allow running both 32-bit or 64-bit x86 OS on single machine and is actually similar to a logical disk in context to booting, adding files and folders, formatting with file systems etc. VHD data recovery software provides highly improved & efficient ways to recover data from corrupted, deleted & formatted VHD file. This application is equipped with latest technology that intelligently recover data from corrupt VHD file.

Professional Solution to Fix all Errors:

  • "V-79-57344-38721 – Failed to mount one or more virtual disk images"
  • "Mounting a VHD from within a Recovery Point causes the server to crash"
  • "Error (3101) VMM failed to mount VHD file (Internal error code: 0x80990C1D)"
  • "Error 0x800705AA: Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service"
  • "Update failed. Error code 0x800705aa. Insufficient system resources exist to do request service"

Some Technical Aspects of Data Recovery Tool for VHD

Raw Scan of Corrupted VHD File

Software proficiently remove (Master Boot Record) MBR corruption of Fixed .vhd file with "Raw scan" feature. This mode easily search VHD file and find disappeared partition which is highly corrupted.

Load Pre-Scanned Partition Details

When scanned information of files gets stored then, it will be beneficiary for users to precede the recovery next time without performing scanning again. In this way time of VHD recovery will be minimized.

Scanning Modes of VHD

Tool provides Quick and Advance scan features. Quick scan mode handle minor issues of VHD and Advance scan mode deals other major corruption that are responsible for data harm.

Recover Fixed & Dynamic VHD File

Use excellent Virtual HDD recovery tool to repair errors and get back Fixed & Dynamic files data without facing mounting issues in new Virtual platform.

Recovered VHD Records Preview

See preview of VHD data after doing VHD recovery from corrupted, formatted, lost or dismounted Virtual file or partition. Software will only display documents, emails, PDF, .txt, images in preview.

Recover virtual HDD Partition Data from FAT and NTFS

VHD file which is created under FAT (ver. 16, 32) and NTFS (ver. 4, 5, 8) are supported by this utility.

Note: FAT16 is only supports for fixed .vhd

It's simple to setup, use and manage

Algorithms used to extract files i.e. repair corrupt VHD data, recover permanently deleted VHD (Shift+Delete) and Temporary Deleted. See the preview to check each and every file/folder and save them at desired location with exact meta properties.

Other Updated Supports

  • Recover VHD file under Windows 2008 R2, Win7, Vista, XP, 2008, 2005
  • Windows vhd recovery tool supports Microsoft® Virtual PC and Virtual Server

Free Demo and Induction Key – VHD Recovery Software

Install free version to get acquainted with VHD recovery software features. Trial Version allows complete data retrieval of vhd file from selected partition. Afterwards preview of entire files including all items of VHD will be available but free version restricts for VHD data saving.

Obtain virtual machine data recovery tool to conduct revival of data from damaged VHD files, deleted folders/files, corrupted, dismounted/formatted files. Make a smart decision now and purchase Full version of vhd Recovery software only at $99.

Trial and Full Version

Trial Version


  • Open and Browse Corrupt VHD
  • Scan Modes: Quick and Advance
  • Display Recovered VHD Items Preview
  • Supports Windows 8 & All Other OS Editions
  • Enable Advance Searching Options
  • Recover Data from Deleted Files/Folders
  • Trail Version Doesn't Allow to Save Recovered Files/Folders

Full Version


  • Open and Browse Corrupt VHD
  • Scan Modes: Quick and Advance
  • Display Recovered VHD Items Preview
  • Supports Windows 8 & All Other OS Editions
  • Enable Advance Searching Options
  • Recover Data from Deleted Files/Folders
  • Full Version Allow to Save Recovered Files/Folders

Live Video of VHD File Recovery Software

Play live video of VHD file recovery software to get knowledge about recovery from damaged, inaccessible, deleted or formatted vhd file without any delay.

Screenshots Helps to Know How this Tool Works

Client Reviews of VHD Data Recovery Tool

"Our organization had a centralized host machine that enabled virtualization. Due to system failure VHD files got corrupted but thanks to Hyper-V recovery tool that was capable to extract VHD file with accurate configurations and data."

James Carlos (Los Angeles)

"Wow!!! Your software was excellent. I retrieve my data from accidentally formatted partition. I just wanted to say thanks for your awesome product. It is rapid and simple to use with numerous of beneficial features."

Riana Silva (USA)

"You saved my life by recovering back my important VHD file data without any complication. I am very impressed with your software for user-friendly features and clarity of guidance. I am extremely grateful."

Ann Lawrence (Australia)

"Thank you so much for helping to restore my vital data. Your VHD data recovery software worked well to remove corruption of my VHD file. You have relieved my stress. I will definitely recommend this program to my friends and colleagues."

David Franklin (Hampshire, UK)

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